Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Higher Ground

What is this?

Choosing a simpler life. The objective behind this blog is to create an online community of readers and writers who are adopting simplicity as a lifestyle choice in order to save the planet and our civilization from crumbling under the many-headed monster of decadence. By choosing a frugal and more minimalistic lifestyle, you can free yourself up to devote your time and your presence to those things that have been on your "someday" list for way too long. You will be free to be children, spouses and parents, and not just slaves to the great consumerist dream of having and buying, at the cost of being and doing.

Role Models. As we share our stories, our victories, our tips and tricks, and our motivations, we will not only become stronger ourselves, but create a community of role models that will encourage others to join the bandwagon. There are millions of us out here who are doing our utmost to live responsibly, and to help spread the word of frugal living as one of the ways out of the mess we are in. In our disappointment with the system, most often, we confine ourselves to our small world, content with making the difference that we can. However, if we all pool our resources together, we can create a much greater impact.

An affirmation. The primary reason that people hesitate to adopt a simpler life is out of fear or being ridiculed, isolated, left out, considered poor and a have-not. If we all stand up together, the guy next door who is afraid of downshifting will be able to see us for what we are, and what drives us, and will be emboldened to take that simple step which can not only make his life a better one, but also "save the world." This blog will evolve into an affirmation of our lives in the face of a society that seems to think otherwise.

What can you do?

Subscribe and stay in touch. Make sure you get an update of all that is being posted on this community by subscribing to it. You can use the Google Friend Connect widget on the sidebar to become a follower, you can subscribe in a reader of your choice, or you can follow on a mobile device. If you wish, you can write in to me at subhorup at gmail dot com, and I will send you an email with a link every time this blog is updated.

Share your story. Write in how you are doing your bit to simply your life. Tell us what you are doing to create value in your own way. This is not a blog with a commercial objective, therefore there are no categories or niches to cater to. If you believe what you are doing is relevant, it is. If you desire editorial assistance, I will be happy to chip in. Just put down your thoughts and email it to me at subhorup at gmail dot com.

Share with others. Whenever you come across something in this community that you feel is of value, share it with everyone you can. Email all you know with the link to this blog or the post you want to share, or stick it on your Facebook or Google Plus walls and streams.

Why this now?

This blog has waited for nine years to come into being. Why not earlier? The two main reasons are 1) my personal awkwardness at writing about a lifestyle and value set that I myself was unable to follow with total commitment, and 2) a series of obstacles and hindrances that took up all my time and energy for the last six years, almost all of it arising out of my indulgence in a lifestyle of over-consumption.

You can read more about what is special about "now" in other posts, as well as in the page links about my personal journey.

This is the first post on this blog, so if you are reading this, you are either among the very first readers of this blog, or you have ploughed your way back through the archives. Either way, congratulate yourself (and me) for having had the occasion to consider frugality and simplicity as a lifestyle choice.
Since I am writing this first post, I cannot but help asking you to share this on your social networks, and spread the word about what you find here. I hope to build up a blog which will help all of us to find ways and motivation to further enrich our new lives.

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